On the Ready

When you have an HVAC or Plumbing “situation” you need a quick response to avoid any interruptions to your business. We hear you and we are here for you, 24x7x365. Our PM Contracting service department is staffed by a professional team of experts, experienced in handling all types of unique service issues and armed with the state-of-the-art tools needed to get the job done. 

Call 816.318-9844 for 24/7 PM Contracting service.

Optimize Efficiency & Protect Your Investment

Our systems are designed to last, but wear and tear are inevitable. Our Preventive Maintenance (PM) Program ensures continuous corrective actions are taken to optimize peak efficiency and minimize failures. PM involves a planned and controlled program of systematic inspection, adjustment, lubrication, and replacement of components as well as performance testing and analysis. With planned preventative maintenance you can extend the life of facilities and equipment while minimizing unscheduled downtime avoiding major costs and operational issues.