Journey Church

Upgrade and Efficiency

PM Contracting transformed a traditional HVAC system in a 52,000 sq ft church addition. With precise climate control and remarkable efficiency, our solution ensures reliable comfort for daily use.


Scope or Service/Installation

The JCI installation consisted of the following: 

  • Qty: (2) 50-ton Packaged Rooftop, Cooling / Heating Units
  • Qty: (4) High Efficiency VRF Outdoor Heat Recovery Systems
  • Qty: (50) VRF indoor units
  • Qty: (4) Branch Controller Boxes & (1) Sub-BC
  • Qty: (3) DOAS Outdoor Air units
  • VRF Central control system
  • Qty: (3) Mini-split systems
    • Startup, programming, and training
    • Full DDC Control/Web-based central controllers for remote access, monitoring, scheduling and alarming


Time Frame/Duration: 10/28/2020 to 12/1/2021

Results/Efficiency Improvements: The existing building consisted of traditional constant volume package roof top units with electric reheat, but with the growth of the church and the need for occupancy nearly every day of the week, we knew we needed to provide a more efficient way to condition the building.  

The 52,000 sq ft addition has been in operation now for two years and has proven to offer very tight control of all spaces and extremely efficient for the size of system.